LIP MONTHLY | February 2017

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Hi guys! 
As usual here is my monthly post on Lip Monthly's subscription bag :) 
Every month I am sent these bags by Lip Monthly for review purposes and I hope you find it helpful! Letting you guys know in advance that this is probably my favourite LM bag so far :D
Keep reading to find out why... 

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1. Model Co Lipstick - Kitty ($17)
I didn't have especially high hopes for this lipstick since we've gotten a lot of these peachy pink shades in the past that were just okay. However, it went on super slick and smooth like a creamy lip balm. It felt super moisturising, and didn't make my lips peel! It was so moisturising I could basically substitute this for my lip balm haha. For those who don't know - there are only a few formulas (lipstick AND lip balm) that don't dry my lips out since they're so sensitive and prone to peeling (YSL and certain Chanel lipsticks). Although the colour is not super buildable because of the texture, it still gives a healthy and shiny sheen to my lips. The scent is clearly strawberry and is pretty strong but as usual, goes away after a bit. I found it to be very similar to the Revlon Butter lipsticks in terms of texture and the slightly glossy finish. It doesn't last too long but fades very forgivingly. I really enjoyed this product in terms of the hydration and colour and have thrown this in my bag for a quick everyday lipstick/balm!

2. Cosmoholic Gloss - ($10)
This was a very interesting gloss as I totally thought it would be a light wash of gold gloss but turned out to be a quite opaque! You can see in my swatch that it almost looks like a glitter liquid shadow a little bit. It has a weird vanilla smell but gets a bit bitter and chemical smelling- I'm not a fan at all but it does go away after a bit. The formula is actually really nice in terms of being not too sticky and adheres to the lips well. 

3. Sugar Crayon - Matte as Hell Crayon Lipstick - 03 Poison Ivy ($17
The interesting about this lip pencil is that it starts off pretty glossy and then suddenly sets matte! In the photo, you can see that there's a slight shine but that quickly disappears. The shade is a medium to dark brick red - a lot lighter than I anticipated. The only con I have is that when you rub your lips together, it tends to become patchy and then suddenly sets like that. The first time I used it I rubbed my lip together and it dried patchy so I highly recommend not doing that and just waiting for it to "set/dry." Other than that it was a little bit drying but lasted decently. 

4. Cargo Eye Shadow - Mojave ($16)
Probably the most anticipated product of all! This is the second Cargo product I've gotten from LM, the first one being a glitter gloss in October's bag . The lipgloss I wasn't a huge fan of because most of it was chunks of glitter - but this eyeshadow is beautiful! The shade is a really pretty brown-gold shimmer that would look flattering on everyone. The formula is very buttery, not chalky and applies pretty easily. My only con was that when I was trying to layer the eyeshadow for a swatch it was very difficult. Regardless, I think this is one of my favourite products from LM and has made this probably my favourite bag I've gotten! 

That's all for this month's LM bag for February! Really excited to use the Cargo eyeshadow and the Model Co lipstick in my daily routine. 
I hope this review was helpful, and I will talk to you in my next post!