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Ever since I've been getting into more natural skin products, I've found myself using more and more coconut oil since it's so multi-purposeful. Coconut Oil can be used as a deep moisturizing hair mask, body butter, cuticle/hand cream, and of course - makeup remover! 

The only problem I find with using straight coconut oil (only cold pressed) is that it tends to solidify, causing it to chunk and become difficult to use. Coconut oil straight from the jar also leaves a film of grease that takes me several washes to fully remove :( NIU BODY's formula's key ingredient is coconut oil, but they managed to put the right amount so that it takes off my makeup but comes off in one wash. 

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NIU BODY has 4 different makeup remover wipes depending on your skin type: Normal, Combination, Dry and Oily.

The one I chose to get was the dry skin version. The current state of my skin is super dry because winter has completely sucked away all its moisture :( As mentioned here you can see my top HG products for winter dry skin.

Dry is made up of: 1. Coconut oil, 2. Ylang Ylang essential oil, and 3. Lavender essential oil. 

Coconut Oil: Removes all makeup (even waterproof), hydrates, has many antioxidants for healing, reduces wrinkles, acts as an antibacterial shield and the benefits go on and on and on....
Ylang Ylang Oil: Its beautiful smell is known to be a natural energizer and boosting your mood and is the key ingredient to Chanel's No.5 Perfume! Ylang ylang also gives you a youthful glow and helps prevent signs of ageing or irritation (healing dry and itchy skin).

Lavender Oil: Like the ylang ylang oil, lavender smells amazing and instantly revitalizes your mood, reduce mental stress, and anxiety. It's also known to help with eczema, detoxifying, firming and boosts the circulation of your skin.

The first time I tried NIU BODY's wipes it was after a long and stressful day. Opening the jar, you can instantly smell the ylang ylang and lavender oil which left me feeling less stressed and relaxed; it really felt like aromatherapy! It really helps me get ready and unwind for bed. 

How I use it: 

Each pad is saturated with product and one is plenty enough to take off all your makeup!
I tend to use one side dedicated to getting rid of 70% of my makeup. Then I flip the pad around and use the other side to get rid of the remaining makeup and massage, with the pad, the essential and coconut oil into my skin so it can absorb all the nutrients. Having the scent linger really calms my nerves and makes taking my makeup off an enjoyable process!

Additionally, don't forget to rinse off everything with a face wash before continuing with the rest of your skincare routine. My problem with most wipes like the Neutrogena ones or even the Simple Skincare wipes is that it strips moisture from my face. With NIU BODY however, after using it I instantly noticed my skin was a lot softer, hydrated and glowie:D
Although, I would caution those who are sensitive to fragrances as the pads are strong in herbal scents.

All in all, I really enjoyed using my NIU BODY makeup remover wipes! As winter passes and my skin gets oilier, I'd probably be more interested in trying their combination ones. 
--> Take a look at Lena's review of NIU BODY's combination wipes here!

NIU BODY has also offered me 10% off your orders with the code "JAY10," and I can't wait for you to try it and to hear your thoughts! :D


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