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This is the first time I received a VoxBox from Influenster and I'm very excited to try out this Ibuki box! I'm very familiar with Shiseido's skincare lines like Ibuki and White Lucent, but I've never really used their cosmetic products. In terms of what I have used, Ibuki Protective Moisturizer is one of my favourite moisturisers because it makes my skin feel super plump and hydrated. Additionally, the Urban Environment Tinted UV Protector Broad Spectrum SPF 43 is a go to daily favourite :)
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Shiseido has a letter that's already stamped and encourages you to tell someone why you care about them and why they're beautiful to you. I'm thinking of writing a little something and send it to my mom! <3
 Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate 

Additional to the letter, which contains 3 days worth of ultimate concentrate. The VoxBox also includes a deluxe sample in addition. I had previously been gifted a full size 2 years ago and was able to really try it out over a prolonged period. Ultimune is a:
A one-of-a-kind boosting pre-treatment that helps defend against multiple signs of aging and damage, while enhancing the effects of skincare that follows. 
In general, Ultimune can boost your skin's immune and help it defend itself from external aggressors like sun damage, pollution, etc. However, I found it too rich for my skin as it is usually given to older clients. I gave my bottle to my mom and she uses it every night after toner and before serum. Ultimune boosts the serum used over it and helps you use less to get the same results! It has a really refreshing scent, easily absorbed and instantly makes my skin feel softer. 

My review: 7/10
Shiseido Ibuki Beauty Sleeping Mask 
An overnight leave-on gel mask featuring vitamin capsules that melt into skin, helping you wake up to a well-rested and radiant complexion. 
I used half the packet one night and woke up with amazing skin despite sleeping super late and only getting a few hours of shut eye! Somehow it reduced all the redness and my skin looked very even. The gel itself is clear but also has some yellow bubble/beads in it that disappear when you apply the cream. According to Shiseido these are actually vitamin capsules. It's very light-weight, absorbs easily, and has the same light fragrance all Shiseido products have. This is one of the top products in my Shiseido Vox Box and would definitely consider purchasing after I run out of my current night time cream! 

My Review: 9.5/10
Shiseido Ibuki Quick Fix Mist

This sample size mist is easy to throw in your bag to help refresh your makeup. Sephora says it's a
"dewy, refreshing gel mist that helps visibly correct shine, dehydration, and day-worn skin while preventing makeup from wearing off or creasing."
At first I thought this was a setting spray but it's actually best used as a refresher throughout the day to touch up your skin/makeup. The formula is a little bit viscous and gel like. My only concern was not with the product itself but rather the deluxe sample packaging. The mist was really bad because it didn't spread the product evenly and only sprayed out droplets. This made it hard to judge the product. At first, when I sprayed it onto my hand it felt tacky, but after it settled in it moisturised and also mattified. Additionally, right after spraying, I feel like there's a light cooling sensation.
My review: 7.5/10
Ibuki Smart Filtering Smoother

A game-changing formula that acts like a smart filter reducing the appearance of pores and absorbing oil, leaving skin with a fresh, smooth, matte look. 

The texture comes out slightly pink, liquidy and the moment it applies to the skin it gives a velvety feel and appearance. I've had a lot of success with this product in terms of blurring my skin, prolonging the wear, and helping to mattify my skin. As I do tend to have more of an oily t-zone, I can't say that it will stop all my oils, therefore, I prefer to use this product as a layering product. I use this on top of the current oil controlling primer to help blur my skin and pores that I have around my cheek/nose area. This makes my skin look super smooth and even. However, I would not recommend this if you're looking to specifically fill in your pores, but rather just as an all over skin blur.

My review: 8/10


I received the product complimentary to review but these are my honest opinions :) 

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