Beauty | Hair Experience at N15 Salon Toronto

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I love the front of the salon - you can really tell they put in effort with the decor. 

(The entrance)

The waiting area is filled with different types of magazines such as ViVi, Vogue, Ray, to give you inspiration for your hair :)

 As I was waiting for my appointment to start, I was able to briefly meet Jessie, the co-owner of N15 (Hiroki is the head stylist and the other co-owner). She explained to me that she was actually a client of Hiroki's for 5 years before she offered to start a salon with him. N15 actually stands for November 15, the day they decided to partner up! :)
Personally, I was searching for a new salon, and on almost all of the Yelp comments regarding Japanese hair salons mentioned Hiroki. When I saw that the head stylist was called Hiroki, I was positive that he had opened a salon and quickly made an appointment.

This was actually the second time I visited N15. The first time I went for my partial highlight consultation, and for a hair cut. Jun was in charge of my hair. He's extremely funny and talented in hair cutting.

 The consultation only took around 10 minutes, and Jun discussed pricing, colors, how thin/thick I wanted my highlights and differences in my hair vs the picture I showed him. I told Jun that I wanted ashy brown natural highlights. I highly recommend bringing in a picture regardless of if you're getting a cut or color.
  A couple of days later I came back for the actual highlighting process.

(Jun foiling my hair)

(Jessie kindly brought me tea while I was waiting)


(Taken the day of - at the salon)
(Taken at a couple of days later - outside natural lighting)

Tada! My hair! Jun also color corrected my previous highlights I got done in China over the summer (they were really chunky and bad...) He added delicate highlights and a slight purple and blue hint to make it more ashy :) The entire process took around 3 hours (for the highlights) and around 45 minutes for the haircut. It really didn't feel like a long time because I was able to chat with my stylist and also go on Facebook and Instagram with their wifi! 

All in all, I must say that I will be returning frequently for hair cuts and for touch ups on my color! Ultimately, for it me it came down to having a stylist that I could commit to long term, and knowing that they will do a great job with my hair. N15 delivered, and I completely trust my hair with them!The entire staff's really nice and makes you feel really welcomed and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone. 

Also, if you show them that you follow my instagram (@jayyangg) you will receive a 20% off all services for your first time there <3 

Find them at: 

North of Bay and College street (Toronto, ON)

Find me at: 

*Disclaimer: I was not sponsored to write any of this post. They are my own thoughts and how I genuinely feel about the salon! :) thank you!



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  2. Hey! Great post! I am considering booking after reading this. Does the 20% discount (Instagram follow) still work?

    1. Hi, Im not sure since its been a while! Id recommend calling and asking if the promo's still running


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