Beauty | N15 Salon Toronto NEW Location Bay & Dundas Highlight Review

N15 has been my go-to salon for years since they opened. I've been there for a number of reasons such as Highlight and Cut (Junji - at Bay and College), and Highlight and Cut (Tai - Bay and Dundas) and also lash extensions. Their original location was College and Bay but recently as of November 2018, they opened a second location at Dundas and Bay! This new location moved some of the previous staff such as Tai, over. This busy salon has a number of more seats and very gorgeous decor. 
The staff is super kind and the hair stylist will usually do a consultation for 10 minutes to understand what you're looking for, what are your daily habits and how much time do you typically have/spend on hair. I really love this part because it really feels like they're trying to understand what I want, and also what may be best for me given my current hair condition, time constraint, budget, etc. 
Tai previously studied under Guy Tang and that piqued my interest on my first appointment with him a year or so back (Read it here!). Jesse the owner kindly offered if I wanted a touch up on my hair (yes please!) and take a look at the new location. 
Their new location is a dream! Like their first location, they have great taste in decor :) 
Gorgeous marble counters, Dyson hair dryer, and large circular gold mirrors. Wish I could bring this all back home haha! They even have these little marble trays to take off any jewelry to avoid damaging them with hair dyes.  

Tai did my highlights before and he's super funny and very hair smart (follow him He's also very realistic which I'm very appreciative of. He'll usually ask how prepared you are to maintain your hair and also take a look at the condition of your hair. Dying your hair requires time and commitment such as if you go blonde 1. Can your hair physically stand the bleach, 2. Are you willing to keep it not brassy by using a silver/purple shampoo? All color will fade, and especially with Instagram, we have this unrealistic expectation for it. You can also follow #hairfactbytai to learn tips, what's true and what are myths when it comes to hair! 
1. Highlights don't start from the top of my head
2. Lots of grow out, the last session was 4 months ago! 
3. Long and outgrown hair

Tai confirmed that he was going to first dye my roots to match the rest of my head, add more highlights/blend the old ones back in, and lastly, trim my hair. 
Here is a photo we took immediately after the session. With my hair curled you can really see the highlights and how natural they just melt into my hair. Additionally, you can see that he evened out my root grow-out. I find highlights easy to maintain and less damaging than bleaching my entire head! I maintain my highlights with Matrix's Total Results Brass Off Shampoo and mask which is blue! Blue is supposed to cancel out orange which is more suitable for Asian hair that turns orange/red over time once bleached.
The entire session took 3 hours and a bit.

The price for highlights/color dye is very reasonable but of course still on the pricier side. However, I definitely feel that it's especially worth it when it comes to highlights, balayage, ombre where the technique and expertise of the hair stylist is crucial! I've recommended a few people to N15 and to Tai and they've all become long-term customers!

This is my first sponsored session and usually, I am a repeat customer regularly, so I definitely recommend N15, especially Tai :) 

Find them at: 

North of Bay and College street (Toronto, ON)
North of Bay and Dundas Street (NEW)

Makeup | Lancôme NEW Spring 2019 LE MONOCHROMATIQUE Blush Swatches & Review

Lancôme Le Monochromatique

Price: $30/per 

Lancome launches their NEW spring 2019 the new multitasking product - LE MONOCHROMATIQUE. Keep reading for the full review and swatches of all 10 shades.
Price: $30 per

Thank you Lancome for sending these to me for Review purposes, all thoughts are unbiased and my own opinion :) 
WHY YOU'LL LOVE ITA unique cream-to-powder tint that can be applied all over the face – eyes, cheeks, and lips. This cushiony, soft texture glides seamlessly onto skin providing a subtle flush of color or a buildable rush of color! 
BENEFITS• Fragrance-free• Oil-free• Lightweight feel on skin• Contains Vitamin E• Suitable for all skin types• Soft mate finish 
DIFFERENCEThis oil-free flush of color was curated for the woman who wants an effortless makeup application and look! Available in 10 buildable shades – play in the monochromatic trend or spice it up and mix & match your favorite shades! Just a quick swipe on the eyes, touch on the cheeks and kiss on the lips, and you’re ready to go! 
They claim that it's great for the whole face - Eyes, Cheeks and Lips. You can apply it to all 3 for a monochromatic look.
The texture of the product is SUPER buttery, blends really easily into the skin. The texture is actually similar to butter, in the sense that it feels a bit solid at first but as you rub it, it just melts into your fingers and skin. At first, I wasn't sure what was the best way to apply this, but I believe on the cheeks, a brush surprisingly works really well and blends the product perfectly into my skin. For my eyes, I do prefer to use my fingers. The products can blend out to be quite sheer but layer nicely for added intensity.
My favourite colours are Haut Couture, Ooh Lala, French Affair, and Soiree.
My only con about this product is that I don't feel like it acts as a great lip product as it kind of appears chalky.
It lasts all day on my cheeks and wears really well! 

Rating: 8/10

Makeup | Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation Shade 320 Bisque W

Price: $58 CAD

Lancome's Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation is an iconic foundation on the same level as Estee Lauder's Double Wear. I've heard so many people speak about this foundation and everyone has been loving it! However, for whatever reason, I just never got around to testing it! Luckily for me, Lancome offered me the opportunity to give the foundation a try in the celebration of their new shade expansion. Teint Idole Ultra Wear is now available in 45 shades, which is fantastic! Personally, I got sent shade 320 Bisque W (warm), which is a PERFECT match for those who are NC30 - Light-Medium Warm Undertones. 

It claims to be: 
WHY YOU'LL LOVE ITAn oil free, long wearing, natural matte foundation that creates a velvety-smooth complexion for up to 24 hours. Available in 45 medium to full coverage, buildable shades. 
FINISH: Velvety Matte Finish (no powdery effect) 
IDEAL FOR✔ Acne Prone Skin✔ Combination Skin✔ Dry Skin✔ Oily Skin✔ Mature Skin 
BENEFITS• Oil free, long wearing, natural matte foundation for up to 24 hours• SPF 15 protection• Formulated with color-true NAI pigments, to maintains skin’s pH level for long lasting coverage without caking or creasing• Infused with perlite and silica to absorb excessive oils 
FORMULA FACTS• Oil-Free, Transfer-Resistant and Fragrance-Fee• Tested on Sensitive Skin• Tested under Dermatological Control and Non-Comedogenic 

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation Shade 320 Bisque W swatched

As you can see here, the foundation covered up all my redness. I would say it is a very light consistency and medium-buildable foundation. Because it is so light and buildable, it doesn't look cakey for me. They describe it as a velvety matte finish, and for me, the finish is matte, but not flat!
I usually stay away from long wear foundations as I find it drying on my combination-oily skin, however, the Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear was surprisingly not drying even after wearing it all day! Usually, with the Estee Lauder Double Wear, the foundation lasts well, but it leaves my skin looking dry and dehydrated. Additionally, Double Wear can look cakey if I am not careful when applying.
Lancome Teint Idole lasted 5 hours on me before I had to blot, and lasted all day beautifully.

Although I only tested it on my skin, it did not cling to any dry patches I had and I would recommend this to people who have combination dry, normal to oily skin. 
I definitely understand why people rave about this iconic foundation! It definitely is a strong all-around foundation that you cannot go wrong with. Probably one of the best all-round foundations, or best foundation for combination oily skin!

Rating: 8.5/10

Beauty | Acne Scar Removal / Treatment Journey with FusionMed Cosmetics Toronto

Acne was the main reason why I started getting into skincare and makeup. Because of genetic and hormonal reasons, when I was in high school and first-year university, I experienced a lot of acne. This led to constant breakouts which really made me feel uncomfortable with how I looked. I got a lot of cystic acne which damaged deep layers of my skin tissue and left big scars. Finally, after years of working with my family doctor to no avail, he referred me to a dermatologist, where she prescribed me a cream and soon my acne stopped growing. 
However, after years of breakouts, my skin had these dents, or "craters" left behind by the acne. The dermatologist said I had Boxcar shaped scars, Icepick and rolling scars. He emphasized that no cream, no matter how expensive they were, was going to fix this problem. The only solution was getting treatments such as laser, Radio Frequency (RF), etc. 

I know a lot of people also struggle with this issue but with filters and editing programs, no one seems to have these issues anymore! As abnormal as it feels, acne is completely normal! This is why I wanted to document my journey and help those who also struggle with acne and acne scarring :) 
Originally, I had gone to a clinic in Bangkok, Thailand while I lived in south-east Asia and they did E-Matrix Gen 2 (RF) twice, which I saw improvements. However, I didn't know of a clinic I could trust back home in Toronto to continue my treatment.
FusionMed Cosmetics is a beauty clinic in Toronto that reached out to me and invited me in for a consultation to plan my acne scar healing journey. 

FusionMed Cosmetics is conveniently located at Sheppard Station, Toronto.

Fusion Med Cosmetics offers a range of services:
  • Advance Skincare Management
  • Acne/Scar/ Pigmentation
  • Non-Surgical Facelifting
  • Botox/Fillers/PRP
  • Lipolysis/Weight Loss
  • Hair Restoration
  • Laser Hair Removal
  • IV Vitamin Therapy
  • Event/Wedding Makeup

Annie Li founded FusionMed Cosmetic Center is a seasoned cosmetician and Registered Nurse with years of experience. She had 20 years of experience working in medical plastic surgery and completed a Masters of Eye Surgery in the Department of Ophthalmology and Plastic Surgery in the prestigious Guangzhou First Military Medical University in China. Coming to Canada, she got a medical diploma and worked in local hospitals for 10 years. Annie is renowned for her needle injection technique for procedures such as botox, fillers, acne injections etc. 
With her expertise in Asia and in Canada, I felt extremely confident in her hands. We discussed how she viewed acne and skincare and we completely aligned. Before starting to deal with scars or hyperpigmentation from acne, it is important to find a method to completely eliminate the active acne. Annie explained that the first step she recommends her clients is a skincare regime that will first remove active acne. Then after 1-2 months, she will then proceed to plan the next steps with her client after consultation. 
In my case, I had already had most of my active acne under control. However, since I recently just came back from living in Asia for 4 months, my skin was adjusting to the new environment and broke out. I had a huge cyst on my cheek from a few days prior which had slightly gone down but was still very much there. Annie planned with me a long-term plan which she was confident was going to help my skin and restore it. 
She recommended that we complete 2 things. First, was to inject the cyst to get rid of it since the longer it stays, the higher the chance it will scar my face. This injection didn't hurt too much and I saw the cyst go down in a matter of hours. And within a few days, it was completely gone, leaving NO NEW SCARS!!! (this never happens to me lol)
The second thing Annie recommended was to inject my skin so that it could restore itself by stimulating collagen. She first applies a numbing cream to my face which we let rest for 20 minutes. After, she first pricked my skin (with the smallest needle I've ever seen) lightly at an angle going in my skin at 2mm, all over. This was going to help my skin texture in general, helping to smooth out any small acne scars. She then went into specific spots where I had boxcar-shaped scars and injected deeper. Pain wise, the little pricks all over my face although looked painful, didn't hurt much (4/10), however, the deeper injects definitely hurt (7/10) but was still bearable. She explained that if you have smaller acne scars, doing this treatment 3 times (2-3 weeks apart) will help your skin completely heal. She constantly checked in with me on how I was feeling and if there was any disconfort. 
She explained to me that she wanted to see how my skin would react and how quickly it would heal. She said after I healed, my next step would be either PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) aka Vampire Facial or the Fractora (read more about the machine here). What's amazing is the Fractora she has is the most recent and newest model of the machine. It uses RadioFrequency which means it doesn't burn your skin like lasers do, which enables a much quicker healing time (4 days healing period). I'm very keen on the Fractora since I had done E-Matrix (a similar machine that uses RF) in Bangkok, which I saw good results with. PRP and Fractora are more expensive than the needling I got and is reserved for more severe acne scarring, such as boxcars. She approximated that I would need about 3 sessions of either or to fully heal my skin. Each session must be around 1 month apart.
2 Weeks later, my skin definitely looked smoother and I could tell that some of my scars were not as deep as they were before. The red dots from the "day of" picture is not my acne scarring, but the needle injection marks. The healing process for this method took much longer than E-Matrix Gen 2 (RF) which was fine after 4 days. My skin was still red after a week and it was only after 2 weeks where my skin seemed to be healed and not red. However, Annie said it was fine to wear makeup 2 days after the treatment which made it easy to cover up the redness. 
I can definitely say that the needling technique works, and is a good option for those who are looking to heal light acne scars. I strongly recommend Annie and FusionMed Cosmetics, and I feel confident that they can help me heal my skin! My skin is super important to me and it's hard to find a clinic I can completely trust and feel confident in. I'm so glad that I was able to visit FusionMed Cosmetic Clinic and plan my acne journey out. Thank you so much, Annie, for having me and I look forwards to my future visits :) Stay tuned for more updates on my acne scarring!

 If you have any questions feel free to message me or FusionMed Cosmetics via their different social media methods and book a consultation!

Beauty | Soft & Frizz Free Hair with Kose Je L'aime Amino Amazing Sleek Line & Deep Repair Algae Mask

Je L'aime Amino Amazing Sleek Line:

KOSE Je L'aime Amino Amazing Sleek Shampoo
KOSE Je L'aime Amino Amazing Sleek Treatment (Conditioner) 
KOSE Je L'aime Amino Amazing Sleek Treatment Mask
KOSE Je L'aime Amino Deep Repair Algae Mask
The Amino Amazing sleep like claims to make even damaged and tangled hair smooth and lustrous. 
I must say that overall, these products definitely did do a great job at making my hair smooth, detangled, and less frizzy in the humid Singaporean weather! 
I had dyed my hair again and gotten highlights in early November, so my hair by December had started to get a bit dry and tangled. In Singapore's humid hot weather, I found my hair looking very frizzy and not smooth looking or feeling. After using all these products for a month, I'm excited to tell you about a few of my new favourite products! 

I personally LOVE that they are Sulfate free, non-alcohol and no mineral oils! One of my hair goals were to stay away from sulfate as they tend to wash out the colour in colour treated hair faster. However, I had yet to find a sulfate free shampoo that I liked! Also, having alcohol in any skincare/haircare products tend to dry out the hair in the long term, so having both these ingredients omitted from the ingredients list is a major plus!

Finally, the scent of the products is described as a "relaxing herbal floral aroma made with natural fragrance." However, I think it smells more sophisticated fruity with some floral notes. Anyways, it smells DELICIOUS and I absolutely love it! The scent is pretty consistent in all the products I received. 
For more information on the products: 
***These products were sent to me by the brand but my review is honest :) 
KOSE Je L'aime Amino Amazing Sleek Shampoo
KOSE Je L'aime Amino Amazing Sleek Treatment (Conditioner) 

To be honest, I wasn't sure what I was going to be expecting from the shampoo and conditioner but these two products are actually my favourites of this line!! I carried these back from Singapore to Thailand, China and then finally back home to Canada! And let me tell you, when I only have 23kg of luggage space and these probably weighed 5kg, it means a lot that I was willing to bring it around. 

The shampoo was amazing because after snorkelling in Phi Phi Islands Thailand, my hair, which is coloured and highlighted, was particularly dry feeling and tangled due to the salt water. However, as you start washing your hair, you feel your hair untangle and it already feels really sleek as you wash! The shampoo lathers and becomes this super densely cloud of foam! It really feels like an experience at a salon.

Then I follow up with the conditioner. The conditioner really further smooths out your hair, detangles and softens. It's a really creamy conditioner that does exactly as it claims and makes my hair feel soft and smooth. I tried to replace the conditioner with the other 2 masks interchangeably as suggested, but neither of the 2 outperformed it! The conditioner made my hair feel softer, whereas the KOSE Je L'aime Amino Amazing Sleek Treatment Mask and KOSE Je L'aime Amino Deep Repair Algae Mask only made my hair feel sleeker
One thing I wish was better was that it would repair my hair as well. It claims to "repair for even accumulated damage" but, I didn't find it repaired my hair much. 


Shampoo: 9/10
Treatment (Conditioner): 8.5/10
KOSE Je L'aime Amino Amazing Sleek Treatment Mask

The Treatment masks instructions say to apply to hair for 1-2 minutes, and claims to help prevent damage and makes hair silky smooth. 
This was the only other product other than the Shampoo and Conditioner that I brought with me throughout my trips. I felt like it did a good job at making my hair sleeker and less frizzy. I didn't find it extremely potent as masks usually are or help prevent daily damages. The product says to use it instead of the treatment (conditioner) 2-3 times per week, however, if I used instead of the conditioner, it didn't make my hair feel softer, only sleeker. Therefore, I find it a good add on after the conditioner, but isn't enough if used by itself/as a replacement. 


KOSE Je L'aime Amino Deep Repair Algae Mask

The mask claims to be "Multi damage care from dryness, heat, UV rays, Static, and Hair colour."
The directions are to take a ping-pong ball size amount and apply to wet hair. 
Unfortunately, this was the one that I was looking forward to the most but made the least amount of impact on my hair. After using it several times, I did not feel like it repaired my hair in any way. It didn't feel nourishing or soften my hair like other masks usually do. Again it did make my hair feel more smooth & manageable, but I felt that my shampoo and conditioner already contributed to that. I was hoping for more of a deep repair as the product claims and I just don't think it was able to do that. The scent of this product is a bit stronger, but I think it smells amazing! 



Makeup | PALLADIO Eye Land Vibes Palette, Velvet Matte Cream Lip Color, Liner Obsessed, and Silk FX Review

Palladio is a Botanical and Vitamin inflused cosmetics brand. Previously, I've never heard of the brand in Canada but noticed it at Guardian when I was browsing drugstore makeup. The brand is all about being affordable, colorful, and beneficial for the body (enriched with botanical, extracts and vitamins).  Keep reading to see which products became my favourite! ( A possible new HG!!) 

Palladio is the force behind your favorite makeup looks. Depth of shades, luxurious textures, innovative new products, and every trend you want to try – all made cruelty-free, without parabens and at an affordable price. Saturated with antioxidant vitamins like A, C, D & E; and powerful botanicals like anti-inflammatory green tea, soothing aloe and energizing ginseng, all formulated to amp up your skin.

Find them here:

**I've been very spoiled and was sent a whole package of products to review! My review is honest and my oppinion.  Thank you Palladio for sending these products.

Palladio Eye Land Vibes Palette - SandBar
Palladio Eye Land Vibes Palette - Paradise
Palladio Eye Land Vibes Palette - Horizon
Palladio Eye Land Vibes Palette - Horizon 
Price: $14 USD
Consistently with all the other palettes, the powder almost feels creamy and if you rub too hard, creates fallout. Due to the creamy texture it kind of clumps a bit together and which resulted in patchy swatches however, blended great on the lids! These shadows applied and blended great on the lids despite being more difficult to swatch.

Color scheme wise this palette is my favourite of the 3 sent to me!
The overall tone is this warm rosy, brownish pink which I think is super flattering! My favourite shades were the third and last shade (from the left), and may not look as pigmented in the photo, but gave a beautiful wash of color to the lids.
I found this palette had a great variety of shades, depth, and finishes. There was a good mix of metalics, shimmery shades, and mattes.

Rating 7.5/10

Palladio Eye Land Vibes Palette - Paradise 
Price: $14 USD
Of the 3 palettes sent to me this one had the most consistent and pigmented shades! I was very pleased with the pigmentation on most of the shades as they came out very vibrant and beautiful (specifically the first 2 shades, the yellow and the blue!)
I think this palette is great if you tend to have neutrals but want occasionally something to ad a pop of color. Most shades were shimmery with a few mattes. 

Rating: 7.8/10

Palladio Eye Land Vibes Palette - Horizon
Price: $14 USD
An interesting mix of neutral, cool and warm tone shades, this palette is very versatile and great for everyday and going out/smokey eye. The palette had a range of finishes, but particularly had more mattes than the others. I felt that all shadows like the others, did not swatch as well as they applied on the eye! On the eye I was able to easily create a beautiful smokey eye. 
I love that it gives you a matte white shade and dark browns, and in addition the pop of gold.

Rating: 7.5/10

PALLADIO I'm Glowing Highlighting Palette
Price: $14 USD
If you were to purchase one thing from this collection, it is THIS HIGHLIGHTER! Super buttery to the touch, this highlighting palette is everything I want in a highlighter! 
I packed this directly in my makeup kit for traveling, that's how much I love it :) 
The 3 shades work beautifully mixed together as well and give the most delicate and sophisticated glow. The highlights blend seamlessly into the skin as if were a cream. I love also using these in the inner corners of my eye to brighten a look. 
Maybelline Master Chrome is usually my favourite and the Pink and Gold highlight are similar to Molten Gold and Molten Rose gold, but less chrome and more sophisticated. The touch of the powder feels similar as well but Palladio's is softer. 

Rating: 9/10

Palladio Velvet Matte Cream Lip Color
Price: $7 USD
Shades from top down:
Palladio Velvet Matte Cream Lip Color- Organza (Neutral Brown Nude)
Palladio Velvet Matte Cream Lip Color - Velour (Medium Coral Pink)
Palladio Velvet Matte Cream Lip Color - Pashima (Neutral Tone Pink)

Another hidden gem! These super creamy lipsticks dry matte after application and are by far one of the most comfortable matte lipsticks I've ever worn! These lipsticks set matte after application but don't dry down on your lips like traditional liquid lipsticks and are not transfer proof. The lipsticks flexible feeling super comfortable if you have dry lips and are scared of trying matte liquid lips. If you've always wanted to try the matte lip look but scared of flaky lips, give this one a try! For the price, I don't think you can beat this :)

Rating: 8.5/10

Palladio Silk FX All-In-One Herbal Eyeshadow - Mirage
Price: $12 USD
Texture and quality whise this 5 color shadow palette has great color payoff and is a lot creamier and nicer than the large palettes. The texture is a lot more similar to the highlight as it feels very buttery and just blends effortlessly. The 5 colors in this particular palette is super flattering with a gorgeous burgundy shimmer shade. The other shades are satin finishes. Great for everyday and also for going out :) 

Rating 8/10

Palladio Liner Obsessed 2-in-1 Ink Liner Marker - Blackest Black
Price: $7.50 USD
This liner gives me conflicting feelings. On one hand once the liner sets, it wont rub off, additionally, it's a very dark black. On the other hand, it doesn't swatch great and I found the applicator, in the shape of a paddle, hard to get used to. The liner in the photo is obviously bleeding a lot on my wrist, however, once applied to your eyes it does not bleed. Additionally, although its rub resistant once in contact with water, it comes off instantly.

Rating 5/10

Beauty | Hair Transformation Highlights at THREES Beauty Salon Singapore Review

There are tons of Japanese salons in Singapore and the options are really endless! 
I knew that it was probably time for me to redye my hair so I was doing a lot of research online to which salon to visit. 
After countless of hours spent researching on Beauty undercover, I stumbled upon a new salon called THREES at Clarke Quay, Singapore (4th floor). 
They have a 30% off special price for first-time customers and on top of that, when I was researching the stylists, I really liked Ken's work and thought it was really close to what I wanted. 

Ken specializes in colour and highlights and has an amazing profile, he's definitely a top stylist in Japan having worked at Omotesando and with Japanese A-listers such as Ayumi Hamasaki, Urata Naoya, Wakatsuki Chinatsu, comedian Naomi Watanabe and even theatre actress Hitomi Kuroki.

Find them here:

**please note this was not sponsored and I paid for everything myself out of my own pocket :) 
I didn't realize how bad my hair had gotten! The last time I dyed it was when I was back in Toronto at N15 which was the end of April 2018. This meant that it had literally been 6 MONTHS since the last time I had updated my hair (excluding cuts)! 
To be honest, seeing the before is quite embarrassing haha

You can see 3 different layers of growing out - 1. my roots, 2. this medium dark brown, 3. the original base brown I had done when I got my highlights.
We started with a 10-minute consultation in terms of what I wanted, and I showed him a few photos from his Instagram that I liked. The staff was really kind and also brought me tea! 

I specifically said that I wanted my hair a bit darker and wanted to try Ash colours! I told him I wasn't sure if it will suit me but he said it was no problem!

We started off with a trim/cut before heading to highlights, hair dye and then wash/massage. 
Here is the final result without curling my hair! Can you see how SHINY and GLOSSY my hair looks?! Seriously amazing. My friends told me that my hair looked so much healthier than it was before :) 
and btw, Ken's hair wash and massage were so relaxing and so nice. Honestly, I didn't want it to stop haha 
He also used Carbonic water Shampoo, which removes fluorine in the Singaporean water which causes build up, it brings pH to normal and helps oxygen circulate on the scalp.
That shine! 
I definitely recommend THREES beauty salon and also ESPECIALLY Ken! 
He took into consideration everything I wanted and also I loved that he took the time to do my hair. He was very meticulous and detailed making sure everything was symmetrical and the overall image looked good. He's also super sweet so we had a great chat throughout. 

The total process took 2.5 hours. 

I highly recommend that you take advantage of the 30% off first-time customers and give them a try! It's definitely worth your time and money. Thank you again Ken for having me and I hope to be back again :)