Beauty | Highlights at N15 Hair Salon Toronto Review

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I always love going lighter in the summer and a few years ago I got my first highlights done (ever) at N15! I really loved the look and wanted to do it again - the gold highlights just really compliment my warm skin tone. You can read my previous highlight/cut experience here and my lash extension experience - here. 

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I booked Tai in for a Half Head of Highlights and the total process took roughly 3 hours to complete. 
Tai is extremely experienced, having previously taken Guy Tang's lessons and working on numerous clients at the salon. He's been with N15 for a year and a half and knows just what to do to make you look good! 

(My hair Before)
Tai cautioned me that since I had previously used box hair dye, that the bleaching results may vary. As I wanted to maintain my medium brown, he agreed that Half Head of highlights was a good amount as any more would make my hair's overall colour appear lighter. He quickly pulled out pieces from all around my head and left the bleach on for roughly 1 hour. What I love about what he did was that he didn't pull too many strands from the outside of my hair. This way, when they grow out, they'll appear more natural and I won't really need touch-ups! 
(Sexy Foil Selfie is a must! haha )

Tai then rinsed out my hair and then applied an ashy blue toner which he left for roughly 20 Minutes. This made the highlights blend into my hair more naturally and also covered/took out some of the brassiness. Again, he then washed my hair and blow-dried/styled. 


Overall I really love my highlights!! They're more peekaboos where you can't see them exactly from the outside but front on/when you curl my hair you can really see them. Again, highlights are a great option for brightening your hair without having to do ombre/balayage, which can really damage your hair. This way I find my overall hair health isn't very compromised.

Thank you again N15 and Tai for doing my hair and getting me summer ready!!

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My hair the same week taken in natural lighting. You can really see my highlights here since I curled my hair :)

N15 also sells a lot of Japanese hair products! Talking to Tai, he warned me about using coconut/olive oil or any type of cooking oil in my hair as it can cause unnecessary heat damage to your head. He said that those types of cooking oil are heat conductors and if not washed out properly can actually take the heat from your head or sun rays and "fry" your hair! D: He advised that the best method of taking care of your hair is getting a nice hair oil and making sure you always use heat protection when styling. I purchased Glamorouscurl Moist (Repair and makes hair glow) from the store for $35, It claims to be a heat protection, and repairing hair oil in one. So far it makes my hair very smooth and smells nice.