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Buying a palette is always an investment. My last one was years ago in high school when I purchased my fist one - Urban Decay's Naked 1. After years of using it, I realised that there were tons of shimmery and metallic shades, but only 2 matte ones that I actually used the most!

Under the recommendation of a friend who works at Sephora, and online research like Temptalia, I was able to narrow my search to this one! 

In total the palette cost $55 CAD and a total of 14 shades, making it around $4/shade. 
There are 11 "Ultra-Matte finish" shadows, 1 satin, and 2 metallic finishes
The combination of finishes, mix of warm wearable and fun colours, like Love Letter, is what really drove me to make the purchase!

The formula is also very creamy and easy to blend. This came as a surprise because the palette had a bit of kickback and did seem very powdery. However, once you pat the shadow onto your lids it sticks really well even without a primer. It's almost as if the powder somehow sticks to itself and goes from powder to cream finish when you blend it together. 

My only con would be I wish there were more darker shades. I find that I'm constantly going back to cyprus umber and not having another option. 

Find it at Sephora by clicking here.

**Swatches were done on bare skin without primer!

The case is a velvety material similar to the UD Naked 1. The challenge will be to try and keep the packaging clean!

Surprisingly the brush is actually good quality and something I would use. The fluffy side is great for blending in shadow and the other pencil side was great for packing it on.

Tempera: Ultra Matte Finish, light beige
Golden Ochre: Ultra Matte Finish, earthy yellow (sandy)
Vermeer: Metallic Finish, iridescent shell with a metallic finish
Raw Sienna: Ultra Matte Finish, Neutral amber

Burnt Orange: Ultra Matte Finish, Dee Range
Primavera: Metallic Finish,  Shimmery Gold (One of my favourite shades in the palette)
Buon Fresco: Ultra Matte Finish, Antique Lavender - a little cool tone
Red Ochre: Ultra Matte Finish, Sienna (reminds me of the Chanel Candeur et Experience Fall 2016 palette's #3 burn red-brown shade) 

Antique Bronze: Satin Finish, Metalic Sable, Mauvy bronze
Venetian Red: Ultra Matte Finish, Crimson
Love Letter: Ultra Matte Finish, Raspberry
Warm Taupe: Ultra Matte Finish, Earth Grey

Cyprus Umber: Ultra Matte Finish, Dark Coffee
Realgar: Ultra Matte Finish, Brick
Ultimately, I love this palette and there are a lot of wearable and fun combinations! I highly recommend it as the formula is also very creamy and easy to blend. How do you guys feel about this palette and which shade is your favourite? Can't wait to hear your feedback!

Overall Rating: 8.5/10