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As soon as the cold weather hit Toronto, the air got significantly drier and dried my skin out! I usually have combination normal-oily skin most of the year, however, the past winters have completely turned my skin to dry and flakey (I literally have skin peeling T_T). When in winter, I find myself really concentrating on skincare and a good base. This allows my makeup to sit better on my skin and minimises the dryness. 

Without these products, I wouldn't know how to deal with my dry skin!

Part 1: Skin Care

1. The Face Shop Honey Black Sugar Scrub

Price: ~$8 CAD
Main ingredients: Black Sugar, Honey Extract
Why I love it: It literally feels like a homemade DIY chunky sugar with honey, scrub! Unlike most exfoliators, it leaves my skin feeling moisturised, and soft after I use it. Additionally, I've noticed a warm sensation when rub it into my skin which is extremely comforting. The paste is very thick, and the grains, being black sugar, are a bit bigger and is best to rub it in gently! 

2. Vaseline Lip Therapy

Price: ~$3 CAD
Main Ingredients: Petroleum Jelly, Shea Butter,
This is a thick balm that has a very simple list of ingredients (only 4 on it)! It is a bit "heavy" but it doesn't really bother me because after I use this, my lips are super soft! Even when my lips are red, irritated and dehydrated from drinking too much coffee and tea, this lip balm soothes and hydrates without fail. I usually like to put this on at night before I sleep or else I'll see my lips peeling in the morning. 
Useful Tip: When my skin feels especially dry, I also use a little bit on those areas. The shea butter provides additional moisture. 

3. Avene Cold Cream 

Price: I got it in France for 7 euros - but sold for $18 CAD
Honestly, I've tried everything to help cure my peeling skin but nothing worked for me this past 2 years until I found this. The cream is the thickest one I've ever bought and instantly hydrates any dry patches I challenge it with! Due to the thick consistency, it does take some blending and can give the appearance of shiny/oily skin. I usually use it exclusively at night, but sometimes, on really bad days, I'll mix a bit into my daily moisturiser. Additionally, I find when my skin feels especially raw, it also soothes it and appears visibly less blotchy in the morning. I cannot recommend anything better than this cream for those suffering from dry skin!

You only need a little,  it really blends out 

Part 2: Base Makeup

1. Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer (0.33 oz)

The Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer comes in 3 sizes- the smallest being the 0.33oz -$19.
This is perfect for travelling - and also has been raved online. Honestly, when I bought this and tried it when my skin was particularly oily, I threw it somewhere in my drawer, not expecting to ever user it again because it did nothing for me. Now that my skin's dry, I love to use this, sparingly because a little goes a long way, on my cheeks and areas where my skin tends to peel. It creates a really smooth canvas for my foundation and helps whatever goes on top of it not grab onto dry patches. 

2. Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation No.53

Price: ~$16 CAD
My skin was so dry on my trip to France over the winter break in December that I convinced myself to buy a foundation for dry skin haha And what better foundation for dry skin but the Bourjois Healthy Mix? It's been raved online and many people swear by it. I can completely see why, the foundation is beautiful! As long as I exfoliate before applying, it goes on like a dream! The foundation doesn't dry my skin and cause more peeling. The finish is natural- matte but there's something about it that makes your skin look healthier, and like it's glowing from within. For my NC25/30 skin- No.53 was a very good match - it appears a little light at first, but does oxidise slightly to match my skin. I highly recommend for dry, normal and combination skin. However, if you are oily - I would not recommend.

Pump is always a plus!

And those are products I use on the coldest and driest of seasons! 

Does anyone else get particularly dry skin in the winter and what products do you use to get you through this season?
I would love to hear from you in the comments :) 



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