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A few weeks ago, my friend Jenny, who's a professional lash technician visited Toronto to do some lashes! She's Ottawa based but makes regular trips to Toronto for some of her clients :) 
 She's been working as a professional lash technician since she got her certificate in the UK in April 2016. Speaking to Jenny about her job, I don't think I've spoken to anyone as passionate about what she does as she is. 
Once arriving, Jenny recommended a lash look, asked what I'd like, and how she does a custom set based on our discussion. Jenny works with Silk lashes which are high quality, ultra soft, fluttery and light.
She went with CC curl, she mixed 3-4 D in the inner corners and 5-6D for the outer as I wanted more of a cat eye effect :) For length, she did a custom blend of 9, 10, 11, 12, and 14mm with the longer ones on the outside as well. 
The reason she chooses to do custom your lashes is that she doesn't believe that there are only 3 types of cookie-cutter lash looks - "round, cat, and dolly." By customizing it based on the general design of what you like, she can enhance the look of your eyes. 


For the Before-look, you can see that I don't have a lot of thick lush lashes, however, I'd like to think that they're kinda long haha But since I lack volume, this is where I was hoping extensions would come in! 


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Voila! There's are what the lashes turned out to look like! 
Immediately after having both my eyes done, I was shocked at how light they felt considering how many lashes Jenny was able to put on haha Using silk lashes really does make a difference! 
They also really opened up my eyes, and gave a "tight-lined" effect which meant I could wear less makeup ;) 
Personally, I must admit that these were a bit too voluminous for my taste - however, below are photos of my lashes after a week. You can see how they're fading to more of a voluminous natural look that I prefer :) These lashes lasted a total of 3 weeks on me.
I highly recommend you book off some time if you decide to try out her service as each appointment takes roughly 4-5 hours to complete

All in all, I'd recommend Jenny for those who want high-quality silk lashes, from an experienced lash technician. Especially, if you're looking for more of a Russian Volume look, Jenny is great at creating your custom lashes

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Personal Instagram: @jdu_xox

Lash Business: @jdu_londonlashes