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I am beyond excited to be starting my dream internship at my dream company - L'Oréal, this summer in Montreal as a marketing intern!

I remember I posted my first makeup tutorial back in grade 7... Fast forwards to grade 11 when I finally started to seriously consider my career, I realized I wanted to work at the intersection of Psychology and Business - Marketing. However, more specifically, I wanted to tie it to my passion - beauty and cosmetics. Beauty Marketing has always been my goal, and naturally, I came to realize how many of my favourite brands were under L'Oréal. Growing up with an extremely global background of being fluent in English, Chinese, French and Japanese, L'Oréal seemed like a perfect fit with their products touching people from around the world. 

In my 1st year, I was beyond lucky to have met my mentor Sian Williams, who believed in me and helped introduce my first internship at Shiseido CA. After my initial marketing internship, I started to believe that it was crucial to develop a broader view of the various touch points in marketing management. So, from there I worked at a beauty PR, Jenny Bird Jewelry, and finally at, all on various tasks such as marketing, communications, sales, e-commerce, and merchandising. All the while, making sure I practice strategic thinking, challenging many case competitions and placing Top 8 and 20 in 2017-2018 at the Queen's Marketing Association Conference (QMAC) National Case Competition to name a few.

Additionally, to ensure I kept in contact with the beauty community, I created my own beauty brand, JAYYANGG/ JAYBeauty, on Instagram, blogger, and youtube. There, I am able to share my beauty knowledge with others, make some amazing friends, and to discuss with other beauty enthusiasts like me!

This year, I'm very lucky and grateful for meeting Aleksandra Szymkowiak, L'Oreal Canada's Director of Talent Acquisition, at QMAC. She gave me the chance to share my passion, she attentively listened to my story and my dedication to the industry. But, finally, my entire journey itself would not be possible without my mom, Aijun Zhao, who never once told me I couldn't pursue my interests and who always look for a way to help me as a mother and as a mentor.

Dreams really do come true as long as you create a game plan and work hard at it. As much as it was luck of meeting the right people at the right time, it was also the composition of my planning since the inception of my idea in grade 11. As cheesy as it is, "luck is where preparation meets opportunity."  It is crucial to think 3 and 5 years ahead of want to be in the future. This is so you can prepare adequately for that moment where you find yourself in the right place, and at the right time. And when you are prepared for that moment and things go well, you'll find yourself feeling "lucky." "I am a great believer in luck. The harder I work, the more of it I seem to have."

 *Shoutout to my best friend Hanning Zhang who was my first mentor since grade 9! Thank you for being there every step of the way :)