Makeup | Laneige 2 Tone Lip Bar in #3 Pink Salmon Review

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Laneige makes a bunch of beautiful shades in the 2 Tone Lip Bar Series. The one I will be reviewing today is the #3 Pink Salmon (~$30 CAD) . Koreans love doing a gradient lip as an opaque one color lip look can make you look older. Gradient lips are said to create a more youthful look and have spread around the world. This product is readily available at Sephora in store and online. Continue reading for swatches and lip swatches!

(Bare Lips)
(Blended out with fingers to smooth out the lines) You can clearly see which part of my lips are dry D:
(Mixed all together)

Blended together the shades appear to be a slightly neon salmon shade. Although it can appear more pink or orange depending on which shade you apply more of! 

Overal Review: 

Laneige's 2 tone lip bars come in a variety of shades which are all very flatting on Asian complexions. My only issue with this product is that for $30 CAD - this product wasn't very moisturizing and really emphasized dry lips. As you can see in the photo it does have a shine - but you can also clearly see where my lips were dry. You would really have to use a lip scrub before this or apply a lip balm underneath. Additionally, the packaging isn't very well made. After the first time using it, when I pushed the lever to bring the product back down - it didn't move. I now have to physically push it down with my lips or finger. I do really love the color (very brightening to the face!) but it simply doesn't feel like its worth the price. 

Rating: 2.5/5
Repurchase? - No

  • Color is very beautiful 
  • Drying 
  • Emphasizes dry patches 
  • Price 
  • Packaging isn't made very well


  1. Ooohhh I didn't expect it to be drying since it has a good amount of shine! I guess I'll stick with doing the gradient lip look "manually" then 😅 Great review as usual xx

    1. Yeah its really a shame D: ive read reviews where theyve said its not that moisturizing but for me it was especially bad... will have to keep trying! haha :) Thanks Zoe <3