Beauty | Geo Tri Colour Brown Circle Lenses Review

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Back in high school, I had a few pairs of circle lenses here and there but as a person who doesn't need to wear contacts, they eventually became a hassle and I stopped wearing them. However, recently, I've been wanting to try something to make my eyes pop a little more but leaned more towards the natural side

Geo Coloured Lenses collaborated with me and sent me a pair of contacts of my choice - I picked Geo Tri Colour/Tone Brown Circle lenses. These were the perfect amount of brightness, but still leaning more natural :) 

The website also has a large plethora of contacts + international shipping

* I am not compensated for any purchases :) 
The package came with the two bottles with the 2 contacts, instructions, and a free contact case :)

  • 3 Colors - darker on the outside and brighter on the inside. 
  • Dark brown/grey outer rim, and light hazel/golden brown on the inside.
  • Diameter: 14.2mm Leaning on the more natural size (Avg eye is 14mm) - Slight enlargement

(What they look like in natural lighting outdoors) 
For those who have dark brown eyes, these really lighten your eyes in a more natural way! 


I found these contacts pretty comfortable and felt them getting dry after around 5 hours or so. Although I may not wear them daily, I think they're really beautiful for special occasions or nights out! 
(Natural lighting indoors)


For those who are worried about eye safety - these lenses are relatively safe! GEO Medical is a safe Korean circle contact lens brand. It is the only brand of circle lenses currently approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) and has also gained International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and Conformité Européenne (CE) certification.

Visit them here for more circle lenses!