Makeup | Revlon Mega Multiplier Mascara and Stipple Brush Review

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Revlon Mega-Multiplier Mascara
Price: ~$10 CAD
About: Our unique fibres are sealed in 360° tubes that plump and extend lashes for mega volume and extreme length
  • Flake-free smudge-proof wear
  • Removes easily with warm water
  • Mega Lash Brush™ deposits formula from lash line to tip for mega volume and extreme length
  • Available in 4 shades 

  • Formula: The formula is very dry and thick. I often apply way too much even when I'm being very careful. Despite the thicker formula, my lashes appear very natural, almost like a "my lashes but better" look. It's hard to build it to get more volume - it's more length than anything but even then it's not "crazy." It doesn't hold a curl very well. Usually, I'll have to curl my lashes again after it dries. Because it is a fibre mascara, there isn't a lot of flakes or smudging. Additionally, it comes off quite easily with some warm water. 
  • Brush: Very straight and not many plastic bristles to help separate your lashes. I have to go in and try to separate it, and really work the product. However, once I do it does give that "mega multiplier' look. My lashes are very fluffy looking. 
  • Packaging: A lot nicer than it looks! Has a velvet bottle for a better grip.  
Re-purchase? No

Rating: 7.2/10

Revlon Stipple Brush
Price ~$28 CAD

For those who follow me on Instagram - you already know how I feel about this brush. I'm not sure if I received a dud or something, but this shed like crazy! Every time I used anything like foundation or powder, I'd find at least 5 or 6 large hairs stuck to my face. Even just stroking the brush I had a lot of fallouts. Zoe, my friend who also got this at the Revlon event didn't experience any shedding so I'm very confused. 
Regardless of if it sheds or not, I don't think it's worth the $28 tag - it's not very dense or soft. You could probably get better quality with an ELF stipple or spend the same amount on a Sigma brush. 

Repurchase? Definitely not, it's already in my garbage. 
Rating: 1/10 

 **Received it free from Influenster for review purposes