Sun Care | Shiseido S.O.S Sun Kit VoxBox Review

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  Shiseido S.O.S Save Out Skin Sun Kit - Influenster VoxBox Review

It's finally summer here in Toronto - we're starting to get more sunshine than rain lately! When it comes to protecting my skin - I'm just as diligent to applying sunscreen as I am skincare. I strongly believe that the key to healthy skin is through sun protection.

A little bit of education....
The sun's harmful rays come in two types: UVB and UVA.

UVB: Many sunscreens only cover UVB - "Burn." These are the rays that are harmful to the skin's surface level - they burn you, causing your skin to peel.

UVA: However, UVA in my eyes is just as important, if not more than UVB. UVA - "Ageing" rays penetrate deep into our skin and cause sunspots, tanning, wrinkles etc; basically everything we apply skincare for! To measure UVA, Asian sunscreens are labeled with "PA" scale that range from 1-4 + (ex: PA+++). Additionally, Europe has it's own scale called the PPD - persistent pigment darkening.

In North America, when looking for sunscreen, we should always be looking for ones that state "broad spectrum." "Broad Spectrum" means that the sunscreen protects your skin from both UVA and UVB rays. It is crucial that we make sure we protect ourselves from the sun!

There are several ways you can diminish the harm to your skin: you can choose to stay away from the sun (ex: staying indoors, wearing hats), go out when the rays are not as strong (avoid 12-4pm) or applying sunscreen. Shiseido creates some of the best sunscreens and is easily accessible at your local Shoppers Drug Mart or Sephora. 

Influenster and Shiseido sent me a few products for review purposes!

Shiseido WetForce Sports BB SPF 50+ Broad Spectrum 30mL 

Price: $48 CAD 
Sunscreen and makeup in one. This ingenious hybrid keeps skin looking undeniably gorgeous and protected, even while you have fun under the sun playing sports and working out. Now in a transfer-resistant BB tinted sunscreen, discover the ultimate sun protection formula with innovative WetForce technology. The super-lightweight formula blends easily into skin and stays put, delivering comfortable natural coverage that camouflages uneven skin texture and tone so you can look your best while you sweat. 
 I found the Shiseido Sports BB to be a really great for when I'm out spending time in the sun. On weekends I like to explore Toronto - visiting cafe's or walking around Harbourfront. As the temperature rises in the noon, many BB creams I use (ex Laneige, Hera, Missha) tend to break apart from the sweat and heat. However, I find the Shiseido Sports BB to be really great and holds together throughout the day. I still do need to occasionally blot - but it does not disturb the makeup underneath.  It controlled my oils fairly well and I can see all skin types using this.The texture is very light weight, a little runny and has medium coverage. The finish is matte/satin and natural looking. My only complaint is that there are only 3 shades - light, medium and dark- and tend to lean more beige. I picked "medium" and felt that it was a little dark for my NC25 skin and therefore I mix it with the "light" shade from the Urban Environment Tinted sunscreen. Finally, I love that the packaging is no hassle and easy to take when travelling. I find it convenient for sticking it in my purse for touchups when needed! Overall great product that is long lasting. 

Rating: 4/5

Urban Environment UV Protection Cream SPF 40 Broad Spectrum (Travel Size) 

Price: $40 CAD (56mL)
A feather-light daily cream sunscreen that shields the skin to fight unavoidable environmental aggressors.This daily shield utilizes advanced sun care technology to protect against dryness, oxidative pollutants, and UVA/UVB rays that cause photo-aging, spots, and wrinkles. This product spreads quickly and provides long-lasting, exceptional moisture to the skin. It can be worn daily as a makeup base for a beautiful foundation finish and easily removes with daily cleanser.
Shiseido claims that this cream spreads quickly, long lasting, can be worn as a base and moisturising. I must say, despite the thicker cream texture, the sunscreen spread out really easily on my skin and blended in very quickly. The first time I used it, I applied way too much but it absorbed easily and didn't feel thick! I had no problem using this as a base as it almost turned into a slightly powdery finish (it was a bit matte). However, I did not feel that it was moisturising. 

Rating 4/5

Shiseido Ultimate Cleansing Oil 75mL (Travel Size) 

Price: $33 CAD (150mL) 
A rinse-off oil-based cleanser. This specially designed purifying formula quickly and easily removes long-wearing foundation and water-resistant, high-SPF sunscreens. It rinses away quickly leaving no sensation of stickiness. This product is for use on face and body.
A really good oil cleanser that takes off all my makeup and sunscreen. It's a very runny formula which takes off my face makeup easily. It took off all my makeup pretty easily and left my skin feeling soft and not greasy. The only complaint I have is I wish there were more benefits to the product, ex: including green tea extract. Additionally, the current oil cleanser I use (RMK Cleansing Balm) is just a tad thicker and creamier. It just felt slightly "boring" and too simple of a product for the price... however, it does get the job done well! 

Rating: 3.5/5

I hope everyone's having a great summer, and please look forwards to my next posts! I'd love to hear some ideas to what other products I should review next :D